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“cupsctl WebInterface=yes” Step4: Uncheck the Account is disabled box, then click on OK to finish. 2) Outdated driver when your laptop ‘s system is outdated, you ought to be alert. Old version is the reason for the error typically. To conclude, a lot of reasons can cause this kinds of computer errors. These causes are mentioned as instantly beneath:

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Is the looks of your Windows 7 working system not at its greatest? Well, could be the transparency is turned off. Sometimes, when the Aero theme shouldn’t be totally enabled on your pc, then this downside occurs. To fix this problem, click Start, and type Aero. Select the “Discover and repair issues with transparency and other visual results” hyperlink. Then click Next to launch the Aero troubleshooting wizard. This may determine and fix issues. It may additionally require fixing it from Home windows Registry. It’s because some … Read More